About Typing Course Online

Typing Tutor Online is a free to use typing course for young and old, because of the big fonts and simple structure.

You can learn how to type with 10 fingers, and you can also improve your typing skills to type faster and with less errors.


It must have been arround the year 2000 when my father decided he wanted to learn typing with 10 fingers.

He drew a keyboard on a piece of paper and started to practise using an old exercise book that belonged to my brother.

As a starting web developer I thought this should be way more easier using a simple programm, so I created the first version of what would later be "typingtutor-online".

Requirements were (and still are): Use short, systematic exercises to learn the most important keys on the keyboard, and improve your skills by using them in your daily business. On top of that the typing course should be free to use for everybody.

To my surprise, my father, an absolute computer illiterate, completed the entire course within 3 weeks, and he was able to type with 10 fingers!


To avoid privacy issues I do not want to store any personal information, I only use cookies that are stored on your own machine.

That's why this website was founded thanks to, and in loving memory of:

Anton Beuker

I hope you will enjoy the typing course!


If you have any questions or suggestions, please let me know using the form below:

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